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Product Counterfeiting in Michigan & Beyond w/ Professor Jeremy Wilson-November 6
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Cook with Chef Mike!

Join Executive Chef Mike Clyne of the MSU Kellogg Center as you cook up and enjoy small plates & learn skills from one of Michigan’s best!

Hands on classes will be held on November 4 & 5 (MENU 1) and

November 10 & 11 (MENU 2).Sign up here:

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Everyone who loves Michigan State University knows of its determination to educate young people, its extraordinary global connections and its ambition to be one of the world’s leading research universities. We have a remarkable history of advancing the common good with an uncommon will.

Our success has placed us on an extraordinary path—but if we are to achieve our full potential we need to empower our students and faculty and make available the resources to achieve their dreams. The Empower Extraordinary campaign will propel this great university forward through its people and with you at its side.

The world needs Michigan State. And Michigan State needs you.